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Education State JAPAN

Global Base foundation Symposium

4th June 2022  10:30〜16:30

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Free Online Access

Depending on the line congestion and communication environment, the quality of audio and images may be lowerd or distribution may be stopped.

10:45〜10:55 《 Initial Address》 

                         Prof. Tatsuo KITAGAWA, Prof. Yasunori FUJITA and

                         Ms. JinYoung LEE

10:55〜11:00 Prelude 1

11:00〜11:10 《 Opening Address》

                         Brain Science : Quest for the Final Frontier 

                         Yoshiaki OHARA, President, Tamagawa University

11:10〜11:15 Christoph Luetge

                         President IEAI Munich Technical University

11:15〜11:20 Prelude 2

11:20〜11:50 〈 Key Note Lecture 1 〉                       

                       『Creation from Brain, Art and AI』

        Prof. Minoru TSUKADA

                         Tamagawa University= The University of Tokyo

11:50〜11:55 Prelude 3

11:55〜12:25   〈 Key Note Lecture 2 〉

                        『Brain and AI --- How to create AI Society to come』

        Prof. Shun-ichi AMARI

                          Tokyo University Honoree, Order of Culture JAPAN

12:25〜12:30 Prelude 4

12:30〜13:00 〈 Key Note Lecture 3 〉

                         『Art Brain and Global Education』

                        Prof. Sei-ichi KONDO

                        President of The Professional Institute of

                        International Fashion

                        Diplomat, Ex-Secretary of Culture, JAPAN




《 Intermission 》13:00 〜 13:40




13:40〜13:45 Congratulatory messages

13:45〜14:15〈 Key Note Lecture 4 〉 

       『Early Education, Breeding of Dream and Ability

                       through META-verse』 

                       Maestro Ken ITO and JinYoung LEE

                       The University of Tokyo

14:15〜14:20 Prelude 5

14:20〜16:30   PANEL Education as National Policy


                         14:20 〜 14:30  Proposition 1  

                         “Non Cognitive Skills” as Survival Wisdom of


          Tatsuo KITAGAWA (Seisa University,Ex-Diplomat)

                            14:30 〜 15:20 Round Table 

                             Seiichi KONDO, Minoru TSUKADA

                             Tatsuo KITAGAWA, Junzo KANEHIRA

                             Yasunori FUJITA


                            14:50 〜 15:00 Proposition 2

                             Theatre Education

                             ―The Creativity of Roleplaying ―

                             Junzo KANEHIRA Japan Association of Theatre for

                             Children and Young People

                             15:20 〜 15:30 Proposition 3

         Socio-Economical Long-Term Growth through

                             Education National Policy 

         A Micro-Economics Lecture with a piano 

         Prof. Yasunori FUJITA Keio University

15:30〜16:00 Q&A Session

16:00〜16:30 7 Action Plans for the Art-Brain Japanese

                             Education National Policy based on Science

                             Shun-ichi AMARI, Seiichi KONDO

                             Minoru TSUKADA

                             Facilitator Ken ITO


Organized by : ArtBrain Projects, Nipputen Art Institute

Co-Organized by : Tamagawa University Brain Science Institute,

Division of Composition and Conducting. The University of Tokyo

Cooperation : The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan

Institute of AI Ethics, Munich Technical University

State of Bavaria - Japan Office


  Admission ¥3,000

  Students ¥1,000

  Corporate Ticket with Documents: ¥10,000 (up to 2 participants)         


 Tickets available here


Academic Remote Free Admission

This Symposia include Research Out put of KAKEN Fundamental Research(B)20H04246.

“Comparison of Pattern Discrimination Mechanisms of Hebbian and Spatiotemporal Learning Rules in Self-Organization”

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